The innovative Carbide bur C33R, designed by Butterfly Italia, is ideal for tooth section (even enamel) during extraction. The particular design and manufacturing of this bur have been realized especially upon request and thanks to the support of several Professionals, searching for an insturment with precise techincal features. C33R.016 is particularly indicated in odontotomy and extraction of included teeth, thanks to its extraordinary features: • Its total length of 31 mm allows easy intervention even in posterior areas with difficult access and with included teeth; • It has no welding joints, thus avoiding the risk of shank fracture during use; • The working part is conical with round cutting head, in order to achieve a more effective cut while sectioning teeth; moreover, its short cutting length (only 4.4 mm) allows high precision, without compromising the soft tissues around the tooth. • The helical cutting hedge grants excellent cutting properties on hard tissues too, resuting highly balanced without vibrations; • The bur diameter of 1.6 mm guarantees the optimum section on the tooth, suitable for the insertion of elevators or other surgical instruments for tooth extraction. C33R Carbide bur for odontotomies Butterly Italia s.r.l. Via I° Maggio, 1 - 20873 Cavenago (MB) - Italy Tel. (+39) - Fax (+39) - - 1936 C33R Carbide, round head bur for odontotomy L. mm 4.4 Ø ISO (1/10 mm) 016 FGXXL Shank C33R.016.317 C33R.016 with round head is available with FGXXL Shank. Butterfly Italia S.r.l. - Surgical Burs 2016 - rev. 00 Ø 1.6 mm L. 4.4 mm Round head