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Butterfly Italia’s sales program includes a vast assortment of sutures, implantology, surgical instrumentation and osteosynthesis systems, biomaterials, burs for dental and maxillo surgery, specialist surgical blades, equipment and much more.


We are always looking for innovative, best-in-class products. If you are a developing such products and want to find a partner for the Italian market, feel free to contact us for an evaluation.

Surgical Sutures

Butterfly Italia has a vast assortment of sutures specifically designed for the dental field, developed and evolved over the years thanks to the advice and suggestions of the main opinion leaders in implantology and dental and maxillo surgery

The sutures available meet precise criteria, optimized in dental surgery, in the ratio between size of the needle and filament gauge.

The program includes; absorbable and non absorbable sutures; from the silk, to the monofilament.

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Blu polyamide monofilament, Monomyd is suggested in during oral and periodontology surgery.

Because to its softness and light elasticity, it is easy to handle and to knot.

Thanks to its homogeneous surface and high impermeability, it minimizes inflammatory reactions and remains stable, not degrading to the action of oral cavity enzymes.

Certainly, Monomyd sutures are the most hygienic and with the lowest plaque adhesion.

Availability: from 3/0 to 7/0

FDA approved: caliber 5/0 – 6/10

Monomyd suture chirurgiche

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Sterile absorbable surgical sutures, polyglactin 910, braided, violet absorbable suture with easy handling and knotting, it is excellent for the tensile strength during the healing period, for the practical use and for the gradual and predictable reabsorption, suitable in oral district surgery.

The progressive loss of tensile strength and the complete absorption of Flysorb sutures is achieved by hydrolysis.

The purple color gives adequate visibility.

Suggested use in oral surgery: in extractive surgery, in all implant surgery, in periodontology in case of connective tissue grafts and to fix resorbable membranes, and maxillofacial and general oral surgery.

Availability: from 2/0 to 8/0

FDA approved


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Flysorb Mono

Sterile absorbable surgical sutures, polyglactide-caprolactone, monofilament, violet

Absorbable suture characterised by adequate elasticity, excellent glide and strength; it is also easy to handle, soft and well suited for knotting.

The violet colour provides adequate visibility.

Suggested use in oral surgery: in periodontology in the case of connective grafts and to fix resorbable membranes, in all implant surgery, in maxillo-facial and general oral surgery.

Available calibres: 4/0; 5/0; 6/0

FDA approved

Flysorb Mono

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Flysorb Fast

Sterile absorbable surgical sutures fast, made of Polyglatin 910, braided, colourless

Sutura con un’eccellente forza tensile iniziale, con una curva di riassorbimento rapido e predicibile, facilmente annodabile e molto maneggevole.

Utilizzo suggerito in chirurgia orale: nella chirurgia estrattiva, in tutta la chirurgia implantare, in parodontologia, nel caso di pazienti con collaboranti, in chirurgia maxillo-facciale e orale generale.

Calibri disponibili: 3/0; 4/0; 5/0; 6/0

FDA approved

Flysorb Fast

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Suture Program


The program of rotary instruments Butterfly Italia includes cutters specifically designed and manufactured for modern dentistry.

The program is organized into four main categories by type of use, from surgery to prosthesis, conservative and polishers.

The best burs for dental and maxillo surgery

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Initial bur for Implantology: Feroce

Designed to facilitate implant tunnel preparation and compatible with every implant system.

The Feroce drills guarantee a quick and precise cut, maintaining optimal balance and elasticity for the initial preparation of the implant site, even in the presence of D1 bones.

They are available with CAL shank for standard use and CAXL shank for use in cases where there are dental elements adjacent to the implant site.

Feroce Fresa

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Tungsten bur suitable for dentistry and avulsion of included teeth: C33R

  • The total length of 33mm allows to operate with simplicity also in the posterior areas and in the presence of included elements;
  • tapered working part with round cutting head to obtain a better penetrability during the section of the dental elements, and reduced dimensions (only 4.5mm long) to operate with great precision, avoiding to involve soft tissues adjacent to the dental element during use;
  • the helical cutting edge allows an effective cut, even on the hardest tissues, and is also balanced and vibration-free;
  • the diameter of 1.6mm allows to obtain a section on the tooth suitable for the insertion and use of levers.
  • we suggest the use with the micromotor multiplier (red ring).

Biomaterials / Bone regeneration

All Biomaterials we distribute are developed specifically for the dental field, to guarantee the best results in promoting new bone and soft-tissue formation.

We’re always focused on the research of new, more confortable products, both for the surgeon and the patient.

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Synthetic bone substitute: Fly Oss

Fly Oss is a synthetic biphasic bone substitute consisting of 60% HAP nano-hydroxyapatite and 40% ß-phosphatotricalcium (ß-TCP).

It is characterized by a particular purity, very similar to the natural components of bone and is perfectly biocompatible.

Thanks to the absorption capacity of its two components, Fly Oss obtains the integration of the bone substitute with natural tissue in an ideal time frame for dental treatment.

The particular porous structure, a combination of macro-porosity and micro-porosity with specially designed dimensions, which makes it plastic and easy to use, acts favouring osteointegration, thus allowing an effective interaction and guaranteeing stable and predictable regenerative results.

Surgical Solutions

Butterfly Italia finds its enviroment in propose to dental clinicians the right solution for every situation a surgeon can find trought his path.

Our program includes GBR systems, sinus lift systems, bone chips collectors, devices for perimplantitis management, repair solutions such as fixture remover and screw remover.

The best solution for dental and maxillo surgery.

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Neobiotech Fixture Remover kit

FR Fixture Remover kit is the simplest system to remove atraumatically an osteointegrated implant.

It can be easily replaced during the same session.

Neobiotech has designed its use as simple and intuitive; it allows the unscrewing of implants without damaging the surrounding bone. The method is applicable to a very wide range of implant types and lines.

Often it can also be used in case of fractured implants or with damaged connections.


Neobiotech IS-II Active are modern titanium implants, born from clinical experience and developed to meet the multiple needs that every dentist meets in the performance of the profession.

In addition to conventional loading, IS-II Active allows immediate (within 1 week) or early (within 2 months) loading options.

Anytime Loading is a biomechanical concept designed to meet the temporal needs of the patient.

Surgical Instruments

Butterfly Italia offers a wide range of surgical instruments, the result of a deep selection of features and precise performance. All specifically selected for dentistry.

We select, import and distribute surgical instruments from various German and American manufacturers.

The assortment available is composed of thousands of items ranging from diagnostics to extraction; from instruments for conservative treatments to accessories.

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Easy Cut scissors

Designed for cutting and removing sutures and precise tissue sectioning in periodontology.

They have a special design, very sharp, thin and short terminals, especially suitable for cutting sutures of reduced size and for the removal of sutures in difficult to access sites.

Easy Cut are available with a length of 11.5 cm.

easy cut chiusa

Dentistry Equipment

Our offer to the dental clinician is crowned with a selection of equipment to simplify everyday operations.

From Heine Loupes and helmets, to Wand painless anaesthesia, via the Butterfly’s bipolar electrocution unit.

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Butterfly’s Bipolar electrocution unit

The electrocution is a high frequency current generator with 140W power, designed specifically for oral, maxillofacial and general surgery.

Bipolar HF140 is the most technologically advanced instrument to quickly stop sudden bleeding and bleeding, or when you need to operate correctly on delicate tissues and very innervated areas.

Particularly effective in the function of bipolar coagulation in a rapid way, as it does not require the positioning of the neutral electrode; the action of coagulant haemostasis has its effect strictly limited to the portion of tissue compressed between the tips of the bipolar coagulum forceps.

In electrically assisted surgery, electrosurgery is widely used in monopolar mode for cutting, coagulant cutting and coagulation.

5 different modes of use: 4 for use in monopolar mode with active electrode and neutral electrode (pure cut without coagulating effect, mixed cut with coagulating effect, macro coagulation with strong and fast effect, micro coagulation with very gentle effect), 1 for bipolar coagulation without neutral electrode.


Our project is aimed at researching and marketing innovative and cutting-edge, high-quality products that offer full guarantees and ease of use, as well as offering complete specialist advice, to ensure the professional clinician full, safe and immediate operation.


Thanks to constant research and collaboration with internationally renowned Opinion Leaders, Butterfly Italia offers always innovative solutions that facilitate the professional in daily operations.


Most of the products are manufactured on our project and under our direct control. In addition, we exclusively distribute important international brands. The efficiency and organization of Butterfly Italia allow us to guarantee the correct and prompt fulfillment of orders and timely delivery throughout Italy.