Absorbable sterile surgical sutures, polyglactide-caprolactone monofilament, purple

Flysorb Mono

Absorbable suture characterized by adequate elasticity, excellent smoothness and resistance; it is also easy to handle, soft and well prepared for knotting.

The purple color gives an adequate visibility.

Suggested use in oral surgery: in periodontology in case of connective tissue grafts and to fix resorbable membranes, in all implant surgery, in maxillofacial and general oral surgery.

Calibers availability: 4/0, 5/0, 6/0.

Needles availability: 

DSM16 – Black | Black needle 3/8 cirle, reverse cutting premium, 16mm

DSM13 – Black | Black needle 3/8 cirle, reverse cutting premium, 13mm

DSM12 – Black | Black needle 3/8 circle, reverse cutting premium, 12mm

DSM10 – Black | Black needle 3/8 circle, reverse cutting premium, 10mm

HS18 | Needle 1/2 circle, reverse cutting, 18mm

Box: 24 pieces

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