Neobiotech Live Webinar: Dr. Daniele Lorenzo THE SINUS CRESTAL APPROACH

10 years of clinical experience with different tecniques

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    25/11/2020 – h 19.00

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Frequently in daily clinical practice we meet patients that require an implant- supported rehabilitation in the upper posterior jaw.
This anatomical region shows often an insufficient quantity of bone that allows a traditional implants insertion only by drilling the bone following standard protocols due to the presence of the maxillary sinus.

The residual bone crest under the cortical plate of the sinus floor can be augmented by the execution of sinus lifting tecniques.
In the literature have been published different tecniques with different surgical approach: lateral and crestal.

The crestal approach allows to obtain the lifting of the sinus floor in the place where the insertion of an implant is required with a reduced surgical trauma and with less morbility for the patients.
Different crestal tecniques are described focusing in particular on the SCA tecnique that follows a well defined protocol and requires especially made tools.

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